Redeemed People’s Academy (RPA), Jos is one of the academic institutes of Redeemed People’s Mission, Incorporated. The Academy is situated on a 33 acre piece of land along Zaria Road opposite Army Engineers, Jos. The School was established on the 6th of October, 1997 with an intake of 33 Students, the pioneer principal being Mrs. G. H. Thompson.

Our Environment is important to us at Redeemed People’s Academy; visitors frequently express how special and warm a place it is and they recognize how full of laughter and productivity the classrooms, corridors and social areas are as they walk around the School. Parents comment on the excellent relationships between staff and pupils relaxed but always respectful. The rapport, encouragement and support available to every single child, pupil and student create an atmosphere where children can develop happily and progress successfully. If you choose Redeemed Peoples’ Academy, you will become part of something very special. Since it was established in 1997  the School has been described as forward-looking, nurturing in its approach and academically strong. We are a dynamic organisation, fleet of foot and always ready to move with the times.

Here in RPA, we strive to help our students achieve maximum potential in the classroom, but at the same time benefits them by retaining a socially educational environment in some subjects and outside the classroom.

Academic success is also integral to us at RPA, but we do not measure success through league tables alone. We put as much emphasis on who our Students become as on what they achieve. With this in mind, social and personal development are crucial. We celebrate individuality and teamwork, and our aim is to produce free-thinking young people with belief in themselves, confidence to pursue their ambitions and the resilience to succeed, whatever life presents. Alongside this we believe that the privilege of excellent education brings with it responsibility and we send young people out into the world who are ready to make a real and positive contribution to society.

This website can only give you a glimpse of Redeemed People’s Academy. If you would like to find out more do come and visit us, we would enjoy showing you around.

Mrs. G. H. Thompson 
(Dir. Of Education)

The Motto:

  • Discipline,
  • Excellence and
  • Service.

As staff the students of RPA whatever we do – (at work, in class, in character, in spiritual discipline and at play) – should be marked by self-discipline, excellence and service.

RPA is a private christian co-educational institution with boarding facilities. Adequate provision is also made for day students. Profession of christianity is NOT a requirement for admission, but all the students must attend all required christian activities as established by the management board.

From Nursery School through to High school, Redeemed Peoples’ Academy is full of laughter, Positivity and activity, as our students are not just engaged in academic activities but also in social and sporting activities. Our classroom and laboratory activities are always engaging and interactive. You will see engaging lessons, one-to-one tuition, small group tutorials, adequate computer practice, laboratory experiments and so on.

Throughout the year, the School calendar is action-packed with academic and extra-curricula activities with Three engaging terms. We also hold an awards day and Inter-House Sports ceremony, and we always encourage our students to take part in Inter-School Competitions both within Plateau State and beyond.

Our website can only give you a glimpse of life at Redeemed People’s Academy. Come and visit us, we will enjoy showing you around.

Here at Redeemed Peoples’ Academy, our aim is to provide first class teaching, learning and mentoring, with inspirational staff who celebrate every boy and girl for their individuality and their achievement.

We appreciate each child for who they are and what they can achieve and provide a secure purposeful environment in which our pupils will flourish. All our staff share in this belief and our school is well known for its outstanding teacher-pupil relationships that are based on trust and respect.

Our school leadership team is made up of 

  • DIRECTOR OF EDUCATION: Mrs. G. H. Thompson

We have always focused on bringing up our students to produce top-notch academic performances within the high academic curriculum for our various classes, and in external examinations.

Records have shown that our past and current students have always been reckoned among the best in external exams and in various universities across the globe.

Our Ethos

We aim to produce young people with the ability to think independently, who have a strong belief in themselves, confidence to pursue their ambitions and the resilience, flexibility and adaptability to succeed whatever life presents.

Our Aims

At Redeemed People’s Academy, our aims are based around key areas as:

  • Teaching and learning,
  • Spiritual and Moral standards,
  • Self-development and Adaptability,
  • Communication,
  • The business of education.



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